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Party Ideas

The theme, location and content of the party will dictate most other elements of your party so they're important to get right. You'll get ideas from other parties, your child and your own childhood experiences plus the latest film or TV fad! We've also put together our own ideas on different aspects of a party so we hope these inspire you. See our latest Party Ideas Feature here >>>>

So What's On 4 Kids Parties?

Keeping things fresh, unique and most of all entertaining for our children’s birthday parties is such a challenge. We’ve touched on a few ideas here that may help that birthday party transform from a once a year ‘mission impossible’ to a breeze! So if you need that ideal birthday cake, party idea, party decoration, party invitation, party bag or theme look no further…….

Get cool Party Bags for your party!

The All About Party Bags Magical Bag contains everything any mini-magician could wish for, available in a choice of coloured cellophane bags with curling ribbon. The awesome delights inside include a magic wall walker insect which miraculously tumbles down any smooth vertical surface mimicking the action of a real insect and a magic painting book in which colours appear after simply sweeping a paintbrush dipped in water across the page. Also included is a wipe-clean magic slate, a classic childhood favourite , and a magical magnetic picture containing iron filings and a magnet pen for hours of fun. Sweets can be included as an optional extra if desired.

Carrie's Review: As we all know, the party bag is the sole reason most children go to parties! I requested to try the 'Magical Party Bag' from the selection available. The bag would have been £1.80 to purchase. My initial impression of the party bag was that it was nice and colourful and well presented. The contents were pretty standard party bag type items, with the addition of the Chinese finger trap which I have not seen in party bags my children have been given before. Both children have spent hours throwing the tumbling wall-walker man at every available surface!On the whole I would say the bags were not bad value for the money, easy for busy parents planning a party and the range of themed bags available was very varied. It saves you the hassle of making up your own party bags but don’t bother with the chocolate!

The Most Amazing Birthday Party Theme

Of course birthday party themes change with time, fashions and are unique to each child but princess /fairy laser quest, whatson4kidsparties.co.ukparties and pirates/football parties never seem to fall out of favour. Older children are more likely however to want more ‘topical’ birthday parties – following film themes or trends ie Despicable Me birthday parties, Moshi Monster parties, Pamper Parties or even Laser Quest Parties.

Always remember you’re choosing a theme to make your child feel that it’s their special day, if you’re relaxed then they’re sure to have a good time! You could even enjoy the birthday party by taking part in the dressing up – go on grab an eye patch, a pair of fairy wings and have fun!

The Centre-piece Birthday Cake

despicable me cake pops birthday party whatson4kidspartiesSponge cake, chocolate cake, themed cake or even a chocolate fountain, the birthday cake is usually the centre-piece of the birthday feast and often the messiest part of the celebration! Most important however it’s the focus when all eyes are on the birthday child as they 1st get sight of their cake and blow out their candles as everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday’ – a very special birthday party ‘photo moment’

Have you considered birthday cake pops? They are fun, easier to distribute and certain to make less mess! Or how about a sweetie cake - no cooking involved? Or buy a plain iced cake or plain fairy cakes and have the party guests decorate them with icing tubes and sweets - an extra birthday party game that you hadn’t thought of!

You’re Invited!

Birthday Party invitations can be bought from a birthday party supplier or home-made. It’s helpful to include your birthday party theme, dress code, timings, and birthday party location. Don’t forget to ask for an RSVP and provide a contact number! Party

We love the idea of cutting invitations into triangle shapes before sending them out, remind your guests to bring along their invitation with them, string each one up and ta’daaaa!  You’ve got party bunting.

Remember the Day

The most important part is to remember this very special birthday party, it will never happen again, take photos, make memories and share them in a one off birthday party thank you note. 

If you have any other suggestions please email them to us at info@whatson4.co.uk  


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